This page is dedicated to other Makers, Artists and Companies that I admire.  Some I know personally and others are complete strangers;  All of them have influenced me.

  • Aaron Hodges, Artist, Tattooer, my husband and best friend
  • Holly Ellis, Artist, Tattooer, my dearest friend
  • Mariele Williams, Jewlrey Designer, Maker of great things, friend
  • Jen Siska, Photographer, friend, cute woman
  • Sweetpeat and pie, Children's clothes made in San Francisco/Berkeley, Ca. 
  • Killygrind, custom clothes from Paris
  • Caravan Pacificbeautiful lamps made in Portland Oregon by Shannon Guirl
  • Modestics, Best Blog about Shopping in the USA
  • Jeremy Fish, SF artist that inspired me to become my own boss
  • Erica Tanov, Bay Area Fashion Designer who proves by example you can produce fashion locally
  • Frank Gundry, Photographer, friend, beautiful soul
  • Mark Dwight, I want his manufacturing studio, I NEED his manufacturing studio
  • The Mason Bar Company, My favorite drinking glass for my dusty workroom, love it!
  • Mrs. American Made, Anna is a dear woman who is relentless on sharing made in USA outfits
  • Kim Cogan, Kim is an oil painter to watch, check out his site and see for yourself
  • White Lightning, Insanely creative woman with a distinct point of view
  • Smitten Kitchen, My favorite cooking blog, When my cooking inspiration is flat I can always turn to Deb.
  • Una Hats, adorable hats made in California, every one is a treasure!