• Pioneer Trail Thermal Shirt

  • ** size 2's are still available, these are fitted and can fit a size 2 or a size 0. 

    A waffle knit thermal shirt, intended to be a base layer that is attractive enough to wear on its own.  The shirt is long enough to tuck in, fitted enough to layer under other garments and soft to feel great against your skin; everything a base layer should be.  I scooped the neckline a bit, added some style lines in the shoulder and shaped the hem for a fashionable look.  BEST OF ALL, I figured out  a new way to cut the thermal fabric so it doesn't stretch out and become  baggy by the end of the day.  

    When I was designing Pioneer Trail I tapped into my past life of snowboarding all day and hanging out with friends all night, I wanted to design a shirt that I would wear under my snowboarding jacket but be attractive enough to wear solo on the drive home and hang out in at the pizzeria after 6 hours of boarding.  Yeah, life use to be so easy.  My life today is very different,  but the shirt will still fit nicely into my on-the-go lifestyle; layered under vests, flannels and coats and still attractive to wear on its own at home or the playground.  

    The fabric is 100% cotton.  In my several years search for the perfect thermal knit I discovered so many thermals have polyester in them but not this one, it is cotton, natural color and knit in Canada.  The shirt is cut/sewn in USA.  The black, grey, army and yellow are dyed in Novato, California


  • $40.00 $70.00

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  • Pioneer Trail Thermal Shirt
  • Pioneer Trail Thermal Shirt

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